Currently Teaching: Foundations for Proficiency and AP Calculus AB

Total Years Taught: 19

Other places taught besides SBHS: Salem Washington Academy, Salem, NY (Spring Semester 2002); University of Vermont (1997-1999)

Years at SBHS: 18th year

Professional accolades received as a high school math teacher: VCTM Outstanding Mathematics Teacher (2013), Rowland Foundation Fellow (2014), SBHS Student Council Staff Person of the Year (2016)

Other jobs besides teaching math at SBHS: painter (yes – you read that correctly), bike mechanic/salesperson, lifeguard, swim instructor, horse farm manager

Other formal roles (besides math teacher) taken on at SBHS: Student Council advisor, Outdoor Pursuits Club advisor,Volleyball Club co-advisor, Sophomore Advisory coordinator, Peer Leadership 2 teacher, SLAM Program coordinator

Why did you decide to become a high school math teacher?

If you had to some up your philosophy on teaching and learning math in a few sentences, what would you say? 

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?

What were you like in high school?

What interests do you pursue outside of your professional life? Just about anything outside and with my family- swimming, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, fly fishing (just started) , guitar (forever a novice), managing our property/farm in Starksboro