Currently Teaching: Math 1 Level 1, AP Calculus BC, and AP Calculus BC for VTVLC

Total Years Taught: 17

Other places taught besides SBHS: Mount Abraham Union High School, The Waldorf School, Gailer School

Years at SBHS: 11

Professional accolades received as a high school math teacher: National Board Certification

Other jobs besides teaching math at SBHS: Engineer, Engineering Manager, State Math Coach, State Talent Search Coordinator, Vermont Virtual Schools Lead Teacher

Other formal roles (besides math teacher) taken on at SBHS: Math League Coach, Chess Club Advisor, Knitting Club Advisor, Crock Pot Friday Participant

Why did you decide to become a high school math teacher? I love working with students and enjoy mathematics.

If you had to sum up your philosophy on teaching and learning math in a few sentences, what would you say? Provide opportunities to explore topics in a rigorous manner. Develop critical thinking through the lens of mathematics. Help students see the beauty and elegance of mathematics in the world.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you? I ride motorcycles!

What were you like in high school? Nerdy band geek.

What interests do you pursue outside of your professional life? Motorcycling, crafting, hiking, skiing, math and my family.