Currently Teaching: Math 1 Level 1, Math 1 Level 2, and AP Statistics

Total Years Taught: 23

Other places taught besides SBHS: Camel’s Hump Middle School, Lake Region High School

Years at SBHS: 17th year

Professional accolades received as a high school math teacher: Invited to be an AP Statistics Reader

Other jobs besides teaching math at SBHS: Bicycle Mechanic, Restaurant Manager, Banking Executive Assistant

Other formal roles (besides math teacher) taken on at SBHS: Snowboard Coach (15 years), Varsity Golf Coach (15 years)

Why did you decide to become a high school math teacher? I was lucky to have an excellent high school education and I wanted to give back.

If you had to sum up your philosophy on teaching and learning math in a few sentences, what would you say? Math is a language; languages take time to learn.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you? I went to school with Dr. Oz. and I created the Chill Program for Burton.

What were you like in high school? During school I was straight out of the LL Bean catalog. After school, under the hood of a car or at the ice rink.

What interests do you pursue outside of your professional life? I coach youth hockey. I’m the president of Waterbury Little League. And I have 2 project cars that I am rebuilding.

Other information about you that you would like to share: Everyone should read the essays of Wendell Berry.