Currently Teaching: Math 3 Level 1 and Math 2 Level 1

Total Years Taught: 17

Other places taught besides SBHS: I taught math at a high school in Princess Anne, MD, and taught 8th grade math in Seaford, DE. Before coming to SBHS, I taught 6th and 7th grade math at Tuttle Middle School.

Years at SBHS: 12th year

Professional accolades received as a high school math teacher: I received an award for teaching 10 years in the district.

Other jobs besides teaching math at SBHS: I have taught adult education and GED classes at night. Also, I have had an array of jobs including: painting, teddy bear factory worker, summer camp instructor, cart pusher, bus boy, and HVAC work.

Other formal roles (besides math teacher) taken on at SBHS: I am one of the junior class co-advisors and also a co-leader for the new teacher mentor program.

Why did you decide to become a high school math teacher? I have always liked helping others to learn something new and enjoyed the satisfaction that came with seeing someone understand something they previously did not know. I felt that learning math was a way to learn logical reasoning, and the world needs more people that can reason logically. If we could get everyone to think about what they are doing, or what is happening, and then make choices based on logic, a lot of issues we have in society would not exist.

If you had to sum up your philosophy on teaching and learning math in a few sentences, what would you say? Everybody is capable of learning if they put forth the effort and truly want to learn. Not everything comes easy, sometimes you have to work for it.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you? I can put my leg behind my head, and use to have maroon colored hair and my eyebrow pierced.

What were you like in high school? Too smart for my own good.

What interests do you pursue outside of your professional life? I like to do anything that gets me outdoors. Especially hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, etc.