The annual South Burlington High School mathematics placement assessment is scheduled for 8:40 on Tuesday, May 16 at FHT Middle School. We will also be hosting the assessment for students in Georgia on Thursday, May 18 at noon.

The SBHS mathematics placement assessment is meant to determine readiness for Math 1 vs. Math 2. Students who are considering the assessment should talk with their current math teachers and with their parents to help them decide whether or not they should take the assessment. Students who wish to place into Math 2 as a first-year student at South Burlington High school must take the assessment and demonstrate proficiency in all Math 1 focus standards by way of their performance on the assessment.

Students who place into Math 1 based on their placement assessment results may opt to complete an independent summer study of Math 1 for another shot at placement into Math 2.

Placement assessment results should be finalized by early June.

Please review the SBHS Mathematics Placement Practices document pasted below for more information.

South Burlington High School Mathematics Placement Practices

The goal of the South Burlington High School mathematics placement process is to provide the best opportunity for success for each student by identifying the correct placement for each student into our mathematics curriculum. Placement at SBHS places students in (not out) of our courses.

Transition to High School

The South Burlington High School Math Department works with all sending schools to provide for the most appropriate placement for individual students transitioning to high school.  Students entering South Burlington High School from middle school interested in being placed in a math course beyond Math 1 will need to demonstrate proficiency in the standards affiliated with Math 1 via their performance on one or more of our approved assessment instruments.

All current FHTMS students enrolled in Math 8 Plus who have at least a B+ average for each of the three trimesters (current grade for 3rd trimester) are eligible to take the assessment. Students from sending schools outside the South Burlington School District will be considered based on evidence of beyond grade level study in mathematics that aligns with Math 1 and teacher recommendation.

Current South Burlington High School Students

Similarly, current South Burlington High School students may request placement in a course based on their showing proficiency for standards offered in a pre-requisite math offering. Interested students may be placed based on (1) independent study of learning standards in the pre-requisite course and (2) demonstrated proficiency via successful performance on locally developed assessments.