We recently received the results from the American Mathematics Competition (which we hosted in February) and the University of Vermont Prize Examination in Mathematics (hosted in March) – and we couldn’t be more impressed with our students!

Ragulan Sivakumar (class of 2020) and Kailey Yang (class of 2019) were South Burlington’s highest- and second-highest performers respectively on the AMC 10 (and school-wide as well). Both students were invited to the next level of the competition, the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME), which we hosted in late March. Our top performers on the AMC 12 were Gabriel Katz (class of 2017), Carlton Plourde (class of 2018), and Ananth Malladi (class of 2018).

As a result of his performance on the AIME, Ragulan has qualified for the United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO). Ragulan’s USAJMO qualification puts him among America’s top math students. The USAJMO is a prestigious event, and only 500 students from the tens of thousands of American Mathematics Competitions participants are invited to take the USAJMO. In other words…this is a BIG DEAL! Ragulan will be participating in the USAJMO on April 19th and 20th, during which he will be taking a six question, nine hour essay/proof examination. Best of luck to Ragulan!

Our students fared just as well on the UVM Prize Examination in Mathematics. Out of all test takers statewide, Ragulan Sivakumar, Kailey Yang, and Ananth Malladi took first, third, and eighth respectively.  UVM recognizes top performers by region after naming the state’s top eight performers. Carlton Plourde was our region’s top performer. These students will be honored at the University of Vermont’s Math Day on May 16th. Our South Burlington math students generated the third longest high school list of students receiving Certificates of Merit from UVM based on their performance on the exam. Those students are: Sabrina Chiang (class of 2019), Brandon Lee (class of 2018), Sangmin Lee (class of 2022), Liam Lustberg (class of 2018), Ananth Malladi, Carlton Plourde, Ragulan Sivakumar, Anthony Stem (class of 2020), and Kailey Yang.

Congratulations to our award winners, and thank you to all participants!